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Looks Like… Patreon!

Looks Like… Patreon! published on Nessun commento su Looks Like… Patreon!

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Hi guys! <3
We are back full of energy and ready for a new year, with lots of great news we’ll be sharing with you in the next days~ (and the new update, we promise *cough*)

One of these wonderful news is that Looks Like Me finally has a Patreon!

The hell is a Patreon? you’ll be asking.
Patreon is a crowfunding site, a fundraiser for emergent artists so that they can achieve a personal project (a cd for a musician, a book for a writer or a novel for a comic artist) with the support of their followers’ monthly free offers.
Ok, you’re poor and we know that, but what are we receiving in exchange?
Don’t worry, you won’t be left high and dry! The procedure is really easy: for every offer you place, depending on how much it is, you’ll get access to many exclusive contents from Looks Like Me. Sketches, nsfw, pages wip, unpublished official art, tutorials, livestreams and maaany other tasty things <3
Our account is still at the beginning, but you can already find some of the sketches and wips, with all the infos about what you will achieve in the future!

Thank you so much for all the support you’re giving us, and we hope you will keep giving us <3 Every goal, every little step is mostly thank to you! QwQ


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