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First of, the old woman next to me on the train stared at me for few seconds because I made a little weird-excited noise when I saw your message on FB announcing me an update happened – then I struggled for about ten minutes to get back my internet connection ahah.
Then it came. THE BAES. THEY’RE BACK. THE BAES ARE FINALLY BACK, THANKS GOD WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY! *”Ode to Joy” playing in the background*

Sam. My dear Sam. My baby among all the babies. I mean just look at him, all of his face in this page they’re all just too CUTE. Though I feel kind of sorry for him, I mean how much he must felt uncomfortable when Chris ran away. CHRIS YOU DAMN DORK.
By the way, the face when he left is just priceless. This, ladies, is going to be a meme BECAUSE THIS IS THE REPRESENTATION OF THE AWKWARDNESS ITSELF. Now sing for Sam as an apology, a serenade. With a rose in your mouth. Right now. You dork.

And can we talk about Chris’ face (there’s a way too much “face” in this comment) when Sam laughs? THIS IS THE FACE OF “I’M FALLING IN LOVE” BOY. Now grab his hand, get off the bus, make your confession, grab his ass next, make love and then marry him.

And this no “coincidence” you both are in the same class. This is FATE.

Now grab each other’s ass again and kiss.

End of the comment.
Talking about comment, I wanted to do it when I was on the train but my internet connection didn’t work right after I read the page. Then, in an ultimate and late-in-the-night-and-exhausted-I-cant-anymore-with-my-life try, I still wanted to comment


I woke up this morning with my computer open next to me in the bed.
My determination wasn’t enough ahah.

Well then, guess this is the end of the comment bis.
I said a lot of shit. But whatever (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ

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