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Don’t be sad for Sam. C’mon, look at him; he’s a dork!

4 commenti

Oh my, I just found out your webcomic and this is promising so far! Sam and Christopher are both dorks, AND I APPROVED. I like this. By the way I laughed so hard at Christopher’s reaction, it looks exactly how I react when a friend of mine makes a bad joke.
Anyway good work, I’m looking forward for the next update!

(Though the pages are really slow to load. Or maybe it is my bandwidth to blame? dunno)

Ahhhw <3 Always happy to read this kind of comments, you've made our day!!
By the way, unfortunately we are aware of the loading slowness, it's probably due to the site host :C (WordPress is such a pain in ass in these things)
We will try to fix it, promised!


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